Custom Scented Labels

Custom Scented Labels

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Are you looking for custom scented labels? For those of you who want a truly unique, custom label solution, we can help! In fact, we have over twenty years of creative experience producing top quality labels for both large and small companies. While custom, scratch and sniff stickers are not suited for every product, they can make a huge difference in visual appeal and help to promote your product.

Typically, we produce custom scented stickers as a specialty advertising project. Although, some clients prefer individually cut stickers, we usually produce labels on rolls. Additionally, many independent candle companies also request scented labels. Other notable uses include Books, Food, Beverage, CBD and Medical Cannabis companies.

While custom scented stickers can be printed in many sizes, we recommend an area of at least one square inch. Furthermore, we suggest using machine applied the labels whenever possible. In addition to saving time, you will also get a more consistent application.

Custom Scented Stickers And Labels

Conversely, you can apply our custom labels by hand. While this will take more time, it is suggested for projects that require multiple scents. Moreover, you can also get custom scented labels created with other specialty inks. By the same token, we offer scratch off labels, similar to what you would see on lottery tickets. Of course not everyone needs specialty labels, but when you do, we are here to help.

So, what are the most popular scents for scratch and sniff stickers? While Pine Tree, Coffee and Citrus lead the list, we also have many requests for Lavender, Rose, and other floral scents. Even though they are not as popular, we also offer harsher scents, such as gasoline, natural gas, and rubber tires. And remember, we can also make custom scented sticker labels if you prefer something entirely different.

Finally we want to remind everyone that we are currently offering free shipping* on all custom label orders within the United States. Please note, Alaska and Hawaii are not included in this promotional offer. However, if you mention promo code: SCRATCH-N-SNIFF we may be able to save you some money on setup.

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