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What is Discharge Screen Printing? Discharge screen printing is an eco-friendly printing process where dye is removed from the garment Discharge screen printing results in an extremely soft print that won’t fade with time.

For the best Discharge Screen Printing results, you will want to use a 100% cotton T shirt or hoodie. Please note that when using a discharge printing ink the print on each garment may vary slightly. This screen printing technique is best used on designs that can have some variance in appearance.

Watch the video below to see how discharge screen printing ink will look on a Black colored garment. Please note the fine detail in the graphic design. If you look closely, you can see where the fabric dye has been removed from the T shirt fibers.

What are the best colors of T shirt to use for Discharge Screen Printed designs? At Hart Mind Soul, we advise you to use a Black or Navy colored shirt for the best discharge printing results. You can research the many different ways that discharge inks react to fabric dies on Google or call the HMS nation for a design recommendation.

Either way, discharge printing inks offer a very nice, water based solution for custom screen printing orders. Use discharge screen printing when you want to make a good first impression or are simply looking for a local Oregon screen printing company.

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