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HMS Art & Education Workshops:

Hart Mind Soul Art & Education workshops work with communities to provide art programs, supplies and instructors to the youth who need them the most.

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Our program introduces youth to a healthy alternative to drugs, alcohol and vandalism through a disciplined focus on artistic talents and skills. By focusing on leadership, decision making skills, creative problem solving and accountability we encourage healthy, self expression through the arts while helping others within the community. Multiple outlets for expression are covered including an intense focus on advanced mural application, skills and style. Basic and advanced tools and techniques are covered in most programs.

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Hart Mind Soul Professional speaking and hands on workshops based on topics such as leadership, team building, communication and integrity.

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All Hart Mind Soul Workshop materials will be provided. The workshops can be presented in a variety of durations and settings. There can be both indoor and outdoor sessions. Suggested dates for the workshop are flexible, however we propose that you work with the needs and curriculum of local administration. Participants will receive handouts describing techniques, worksheets for designing their own mural projects, personal and peer evaluations and be asked to participate in painting a mural of their own. At Hart Mind Soul we hold dear original concepts of freedom and expression while helping others towards self‑empowerment, setting and reaching goals, being accountable, and exceeding one’s own dreams through integrating art with education.

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Intended Audience:

Hart Mind Soul Art/education workshops are intended to send a strong message on leadership, decision making skills, creative problem solving and accountability.

We have taught this curriculum to elementary, middle and high school classes. We also offer a version of this workshop for adults as well.

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It is important that youth have exposure to art and the opportunity to learn a unique skill set. We believe that every student deserves a chance to practice a hands on application of leadership, integrity and team work through the arts.

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Hart Mind Soul workshops are offered all across the Nation.

We are based out of Portland, Oregon and are willing to bring our unique skill set and talent to your very own school yard.  We are happy to travel to your location. We have done programs for numerous elementary, middle and high school students as well as trainings for educators.  We have worked with churches, juvenile corrections programs, substance abuse programs and various youth centered organizations across the country.

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Space and enrollment restrictions:

Enrollment must be limited to approximately 45 students and two teachers or assistants as to ensure the BEST learning experience and ensure each individual has time to ask questions and learn in detail all techniques covered. Minimum requirements for a workshop is five students.

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A free quote can be customized for you and your organization based on your specific needs, time budget, and finances.

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Due to the decline in school funds for art programs we have independently raised funds to help supplement dollars in order to ensure students can take part in this unique learning experience. References are available upon request. Balance is due before classes begin.

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Presenter Biography:

Workshops will be taught by Peter Nathaniel van Hartesveldt President and Founder of Hart Mind Soul.

Hart Mind Soul was founded in 1998 in order to provide graffiti artists with a productive outlet for expressing talent and ideas. Peter Nathaniel attended both Gallup High school and Gallup Catholic before going on to graduate high school on the Deans list at Verde Valley school in Sedona, Arizona. Peter has studied communications at Portland Community College and attended Kansas City Art Institute before starting his own graphic design and screen printing company in 1998. He has painted large scale mural projects across the country as well as for nationally recognized companies and clients such as Lamborghini, Artisan Spirits, Cricket and Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys. HMS artists were selected for the annual Love Rally in Pioneer courthouse square, in Portland Oregon for consecutive years. Peter has spoken professionally for the Portland Concierge association, business consultations, motivational workshops and sales seminars as well as with numerous schools, churches and youth programs across the country. Peter works directly with youth programs in Portland, Oregon and has taught workshops on teamwork, leadership and cooperation with a unique passion and flare from 2008-present.

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We are currently raising funds for the following programs:

1. Thoreau Community Center Leadership and Art Workshop

2. Special Needs and Elementary / Middle School Youth

3. Verde Valley Project Period

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Hart Mind Soul is a For Profit organization.  Our relationship with community leaders and school districts allows us to competitively bid for art grants and funds for arts and art related programs across the nation.  HMS is NOT a 501c3 / non-profit organization. Your payment is NOT tax deductible.

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The kids had an awesome time and loved every minute.”  -Shannon Balok, Elementary Music Teacher

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You are an inspiration to many, and a HERO to me. All I have to say is Knowledge, Community and lots of Gravy… Don’t miss that train!” – Steve H.

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Thank you for being an inspiration to better life in any way possible.”  – Kit, Portland Oregon

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Peter Nathan was punctual and prepared. He did an excellent job of relating to the young people in my class and was able to get them to engage in the group upon their first contact with him. This is very rare! It was my impression that Peter has a great impact on the people he encounters young and old. I was pleased to see we shared the same zeal for helping others. If the opportunity arose, I would be glad to have him come again.”   – John Michael Stewart Juvenile Corrections Dpt.

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Thank you so much for working with our AVID students and our budget. We appreciate that you have a passion for young adults and guiding them to become leaders and contributing members of society. You had a great rapport with our students and the activities were appropriate. I hope we can work together again.” -Jennifer, Roosevelt Middle School, Tijeras NM

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For Information on HMS Workshops, please call or send us a request online.

If you have any questions or need anything else please  Contact Us Online or Call  971.226.7571