Free* Limited Edition Dragon Puzzle

Free* Limited Edition Dragon Puzzle

Get a Free* Limited Edition Dragon Puzzle from Hart Mind Soul

Start the holiday season early and get a free gift* from the makers of Hart Mind Soul custom apparel. Receive your very own, limited edition, Ice Dragon Puzzle when you order the new, Polar Bear Hoodies, online. All you have to do is click here and complete the purchase from any mobile friendly device.

In addition to making holiday gift shopping easy, you also get a little something extra. Because this is a limited edition offer, supplies are limited and only available while there is inventory. Go ahead and keep the puzzle for yourself, or put it in your kid’s stocking for Christmas.

Either way, you get a FREE* Limited Edition Ice Dragon Puzzle with the purchase of our new, Polar Bear hoodies. Remember, you can also buy custom hoodies with your own design screen printed or embroidered. Make the smart choice, and click here for a free quote on custom hoodies.

If you like our Ice Dragon graphic design, keep an eye out for more great products from Hart Mind Soul. Because the HMS nation is committed to being America’s Best Custom Screen Printing Company, we are always raising the bar. With new cinch packs, Tee shirt graphics, and holographic foil stickers on the way, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Don’t miss out on your chance to own the new, limited edition Ice Cream Dragon Puzzle from Hart Mind Soul! Hurry, supply is limited to availability and going fast. Everyone needs a new hoodie and our’s are quite simply the best quality you can find.

Finally, the HMS nation has put a graphic design on puzzles! Consequently, we have many return customers asking about how to get custom puzzles made with their own designs. And the answer is, that we are happy to help with all your marketing and advertising needs.

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Free* Limited Edition Dragon Puzzle

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