Fight Club 2 Scratch & Sniff Bookmark Contest

Fight Club Bookmark Contest

Join Project Mayhem –

“Tyler Durden Lives!”  And Hart Mind Soul custom screen printing has teamed up with Dark Horse Comics and Chuck Palahniuk for the release of the highly anticipated Fight Club 2 comic books.

First released at the San Diego Comic Con International, Dark Horse Comics and the HMS nation want to let you know all about the FC2 (Fight Club 2) scratch and sniff, bookmark contest.
The FC2 scratch-and-sniff bookmark contest goes hand in hand with Dark Horse Comics’ guerilla marketing campaign to promote the comic books sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. Fight Club 2
 is a Dark Horse Comics exclusive,  mini-series, which is written by Chuck Palahniuk. The FC2 comics were illustrated by Cameron Stewart & colored in by Dave Stewart.  There are a number of variant covers but we want to make sure we give credit to David Mack.

Dark Horse Comics, in conjunction with Chuck Palahniuk and Hart Mind Soul (HMS nation) has provided 10,000 (+) scratch-and-sniff bookmarks. These limited edition Fight Club 2 scratch & sniff bookmarks are sequentially numbered to correspond to various clues in the FIGHT CLUB 2 comic book issues. That means, when you buy the comic books, there is a part in each Fight Club Comic that will directly tie into the corresponding issues.

These Fight Club 2 Scratch N’ Sniff bookmarks were issued directly to select comic shops around the United States and at San Diego Comic Convention.
And here is your chance to WIN BIG, with the FC2 Scratch And Sniff Bookmark Contest! – Fight Club 2 comic book readers who correctly identify all five (5) scratch and sniff scents on the bookmarks are eligible to win the grand prize!

Grand Prize winners in the FC2 scratch and sniff bookmark contest will win, not just one, but every FIGHT CLUB 2 comic printed! That also includes the hard to find variant covers. But wait, there’s more! Grand Prize winners in the FC2 contest will also receive FIGHT CLUB 2 swag, a Chuck Palahniuk autographed collector’s edition of the FIGHT CLUB novel. All of this is in addition to the hardcover FIGHT CLUB 2 graphic novel. (Which you will want to pick up either way.)

In addition to the Grand Prize Winners, there will also be ten (10) additional winners in the Fight Club 2 bookmark, scratch and sniff contest who will receive copies of the FIGHT CLUB 2 graphic novel printed by Dark Horse Comics in Oregon.
But that’s not all! Comics retailers chosen by winners will also receive matching Fight Club 2 prizes. This truly is a Win, Win, Win scenario. There will also be a limited quantity of bookmarks FC2 Scratch & sniff bookmarks available through Diamond registered retailers.
Winners of the Fight Club 2 Scratch and Sniff Bookmark Contest will be selected at random and will be notified by Thursday, October 1st, 2015.

So what are you waiting for! Click here to enter the Dark Horse Comics FIGHT CLUB 2 scratch-and-sniff bookmark contest! 

And remember, Hart Mind Soul is here for all your custom scratch and sniff needs. From stickers to bookmarks, Hart (heart) Mind Soul & the HMS nation are here for you. Based in Portland, Oregon. Contact us today for a free quote.

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