Discharge Screen Printing Oregon

Discharge Screen Printing Oregon

Discharge Screen Printing Oregon 2

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Have you seen the new, Discharge Screen Printed T Shirts from Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation? Because discharge screen printing is an art, not just any local company can produce such consistently high results. Next time you need to make a good first impression, why not choose Oregon’s best screen printing company?

What is discharge screen printing? Discharge screen printing is a screen printing technique used when you want a softer feel to the finished product. Instead of adding ink to the garment, as is done in traditional, Plastisol screen printing, discharge printing, in effect, removes the dye pigment from the fabric.

The result is a soft and muted looking image that is extremely soft of hand. Many schools and businesses prefer this method of printing for summer time garments when the weather is hotter. Furthermore, discharge screen printing is not something that any print shop can accommodate. This alone will make your design and products stand out in a crowd.

Please remember, discharge screen printing will not work on every garment style or color. Because of the nature of specific pigments and fabric dyes, we only recommend discharge printing on specific product styles. Contact Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation online for a complete list of colors and fabric types that will work for Discharge Screen Printing.

In addition to having over 20 years of experience in screen printing we also offer America’s Best, All In One Marketing Package. That means you can buy Discharge Printed Shirts and Hoodies from the same, local company that sells digital marketing. Search our website from any mobile device to learn more about Portland Oregon’s premier advertising and print company.

Finally, a local screen printing company that can produce top quality Discharge Screen Printing! If you want the best quality screen printing in Oregon, use an established company with a consistent Five Star service rating.

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