Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirt Review

Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirt Review


Show me a Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirt Review

Show me the best T shirts for screen printing, and I will show you the trusted, Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt. You may also know this T shirt style as the G2000 and probably have a few in your closet. In addition to being 100% Cotton, this garment also comes in a wide variety of colors.

If you are looking for an excellent, value based product for promotions, events or giveaways, the Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt is just about as perfect as it will get. Furthermore, the affordable price point makes this a fan favorite for school events and fundraising.

You are probably familiar with the Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt as just about everyone in America has at least on of these shirts in their wardrobe. You can easily tell if your shirt is made with Gildan Ultra Cotton by simply taking a quick look at the tag.

In addition to being an extremely affordable shirt for screen printing, the garment itself is made to last. Because of the tight stitching and expertly sewn hems, the Gildan Ultra Cotton T shirt will last for years. I personally have G2000 T shirts in my closet from over 20 years ago.

Remember, if you are looking for an eco friendly screen printing solution like water based or discharge ink, the prints must be on a 100% cotton fabric. This make the Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt an excellent choice for water based screen printing projects.

Finally, if you want an affordable t-shirt for screen printing but still value quality, request a quote for the Gildan Ultra Cotton. We also have many other name brands such as AllMade, Hanes and Alternative apparel if you want to buy something that is a little softer and more expensive.

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