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Even though we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for what we have, most of the country is gearing up to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on stuff we don’t really need.

It seems as though the Christmas banter starts earlier every year. It is to the point that the Turkey isn’t even in the oven and we are already seeing advertisements for this years newest and greatest merchandise. For some reason, as a society, we are driven by the next holiday, and the need to consume.

As a business, Hart Mind Soul has struggled with this for many years.  Should we delay our holiday marketing until the actual holiday season? In the past when we have tried this we have lost tremendous market share to Black Friday, early bird sales specials, holiday discounts, and other fanciful corporate memes, created to keep the public distracted and spending.

Or, should Hart (heart) Mind Soul and the HMS nation,  join the Black Friday madness and start our online advertising early?

Wile the children are all nestled, snug in their beds, and visions of sugar plums danced in their heads, a quite force was moving, slowly shutting down traditional businesses and forcing loyal customers to do their holiday gift shopping with corporations rather than families.

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The number of businesses in the greater Portland, Oregon area that close every year is astounding. It is difficult to create any REAL customer loyalty or community involvement, when the businesses that the said community would be gathering around are continually uprooted.

Not that it can’t be done, it simply takes more resources to maintain a business than most individuals are willing to expend.  So what we are left with are shells of businesses and for lease signs in the once thriving communities.

We are left with a sense that our memories have, in a sense been stolen. Not so much “stolen” as in the way a thief might take something from you while you are away on vacation. But “stolen” in the way that time will erode all things, regardless of grandeur.

Yes, time will erode all things in Portland, Oregon as well. Or so it would seem. There are a few things that still remain, seemingly untouched by the years of rain, the renal increases, the hipster trust fund accounts being depleted, or the construction of a new, Trimet MAX, public transit line, through a once quite and serene SE Portland and Milwaukie neighborhoods.

The great city or Portland, Oregon still boasts the Willamette River, filthy and flooded with sewage as always. There will always be that undeniable, Pacific North West fog, that settles into your bones and makes you appreciate a warm cup of fresh coffee at Bud Clark’s Goose Hollow Inn & coffee shop. And surprisingly enough, these funny little, Hart (heart) Mind Soul, HMS security stickers cling to the windows and signs of a truly, once great city.

Yes, printed on the highest quality vinyl, using a weather resistant ink, our Hart Mind Soul custom stickers have withstood the test of time. Outlasting Portland Blvd, four (4) presidential terms, the Greek Cusina Restaurant, Roccos Pizza, The Great Recession, the local ownership of VooDoo Donuts, and the majority of marriages.

Heart (Hart) Mind Soul custom, high end, extended life durable bumper stickers, are weather proof and made to last for years. Specialty foil stickers, glow in the dark, scratch and sniff, stickers and labels are also available for schools, business, teams, bands, events, campaigns, or personal use. (Just don’t apply your custom stickers to anything illegally.)

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Starting an advertising campaign? Outlast your competition with custom screen printed stickers from Hart Mind Soul (heart) and the HMS nation, in Portland, Oregon.

Think about it this way, at Hart (heart) Mind Soul, our stickers last longer than most businesses in Portland, Oregon.

So when it comes time for Black Friday Sales and holiday shopping sprees, keep the local businesses, in mind. You can spend your hard earned dollars with the corporations, or you can help keep small business the backbone of the American economy.

Black Friday PortlandHart Mind Soul, the BEST custom screen printed, CMYK, FOIL, BUMPER stickers and labels in Portland. Supporting local businesses and encouraging local entrepreneurs to go for their dreams since 1998.


This holiday give the gift of Hart Mind Soul, custom screen printing and stickers with BLACK FRIDAY sales specials, Cyber Monday Discounts and online savings from the HMS nation. 

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