Heart (HART) Mind Soul Christmas Cards

heart mind soul christmas

Hart (heart) Mind Soul custom screen printing, stickers and embroidery gives back to our loyal customers and those who support the HMS nation.

So, if you get a nice little Hart Mind Soul, Christmas holiday card in the mail, over the Thanksgiving weekend, you will know the HMS nation was thinking about you.

But wait, there’s more! **DO NOT DISCARD THE ENVELOPE**

heart mind soul

*When you receive you Heart (HART) Mind Soul, custom holiday card in the mail, there will be some extra HMS screen printed stickers or swag, but you will also find a GOLD piece of paper with instruction on how to play the game.


*Keep the HMS Christmas card for years to come. Put it on mantle, over your fireplace, under the Christmas tree, or out in front for all to see.

*Peel your Hart Mind Soul, HMS sticker off the backing and stick it on something fun. (Please do not put stickers on other people’s property, without permission.) Hart Mind Soul, custom apparel and the HMS nation in Portland, Oregon do NOT encourage sticker graffiti. Our stickers are intended purely for fun and legal purposes.

**KEEP THE ENVELOPE** your Hart (heart) Mind Soul Christmas card was delivered in, and turn it over…

*On the back you will see an assortment of different items that have been laid out and spray painted over. LOOK FOR GOLD ITEMS and specially marked envelopes indicating that you are an instant winner.

*Winners in the Hart Mind Soul Christmas Holiday Card Contest are chosen purely on chance. Multiple purchases from HMS nation custom stickers & screen printing does NOT increase your odds of winning. In order to receive a game piece you must have registered on our mailing list or done business with Hart Mind Soul, Portland Oregon, within the past year.

heart mind hart soul

If you did not receive a game piece or Hart Mind Soul Christmas card from the HMS nation, but would like to be considered for our holiday mailings and other screen printing and custom apparel specials, follow this link and send us your mailing info.

Heart (HART) Mind Soul making spirits bright this holiday season.

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Contact our Portland, Oregon offices for custom screen printing, stickers and embroidery services. Perfect holiday gifts for business, schools, groups, organizations, teams.


HMS nation phone contact: 1800.968.0799


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