Spray Paint Art Workshop – Washington

spray paint art workshop

This summer is really heating up with Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation. Stay cool with our upcoming Hart Mind Soul community art workshop in Fairview, Washington.

The theme for the mural is “Your Hopes.” All supplies, spray paint, paint trays, bucket paint, spray paint caps, graffiti stencils, paint brushes, paint rollers, etc. will be provided. There will even be a special run of limited edition Hart Mind Soul art workhsop screen printed T-shirts for the first people to show up.

All ages are welcome. Workshop is on July 16th, from 8AM – 4PM. If you are interested in attending the FREE graffiti, mural art workshop just click here and send us a message. We will reply to you with all of the supporting details needed.

This spray painting, graffiti mural art workshop is put on by Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation on behalf of the Gallery Chapel.  The Gallery Chapel is an arts ministry of the United Methodist Church. The mission of the Gallery Chapel, in Portland, Oregon is simple. “Keeping Church Weird for Portland and supporting the artistic community.”

The HMS Spray paint and street art mural workshop will be taught by Peter Nathaniel van Hartesveldt, President, CEO and founder of Hart Mind Soul custom apparel, screen printing and embroidery. Peter is an accomplished artist with large scale mural projects across the country. His experience with schools, youth programs, motivational speaking, and large scale commissioned graffiti mural and street art projects will offer a unique learning experience for everyone. So put down the remote control, pick up a paint brush, and help us paint the coolest graffiti mural of the summer!

(Heart) Hart Mind Soul or HMS was founded in 1998 in order to provide graffiti artists with a productive outlet for expressing talent and ideas. The HMS nation continues to grow and diversify by staying on the cutting edge of new ideas and quality apparel.

“At Hart Mind Soul, we hold dear original concepts of freedom and expression while helping others towards self-empowerment, setting and reaching goals, being accountable, and exceeding one’s own dreams.”

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