Fight Club 2 Comic Books – FREE!

fight club comicFirst Edition, “Fight Club 2” comic books are here! Chuck Palahniuk has put his Hart Mind and Soul into this comic book. The artwork is amazing and the story line is compelling. I won’t ruing it for you, but there are still only two rules to Fight Club.

This first run of FC2 comic books was printed in a number of variant covers, to be distributed across the country at special events like comic con and and through loyal comic book retailers and distributors. With a number of different cover versions, this limited edition, first run, issue #1, Fight Club 2, FC2 comic books are an instant collectors items.

In order to get these Fight Club comics with the different covers you would have to scour the far corner of the globe. (Or at least ebay.) However, while supplies last, you have a chance to get your very own copy, absolutely FREE. Yep, that’s right. 100% FREE, with every online Hart Mind Soul order.

Just click here, choose anything from our online shopping cart, check out, and check your mail box. When you receive your custom apparel, sticker, or embroidery order from the HMS nation, you will open your box to find that we always give you more than you pay for. And if you act quickly, you can score one of these limited edition FC2 comic books! (Limited to availability. First come first serve.) You should know this, but just for liability reasons, these comic books do contain graphic content and are not suitable for children. (There are probably even some adults who will be offended.)

Either way, Dark Horse Comics has been very supportive of the whole Fight Club 2  project and promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. With first class artwork and the social intrigue that Chuck Palahniuk brings to the table. Now the only question left is, how soon can we get issue #2 ?!

To commemorate the launch of this special project, Hart Mind Soul and Chuck Palahniuk  have teamed up to bring you a year of underground marketing and promotions.

So, make sure to get your copy of the NEW,  “Fight Club 2” comic book, and follow the HMS nation blog or social media outlets for more hot summer screen printing specials, FC2 comic book giveaways, and other fine works of social engineering that you have come to love from Hart Mind Soul and Chuck Palahniuk.

Remember, we encourage you to support your LOCAL comic book distributor. Ask about upcoming Fight Club 2 comic book promotions and specials available ONLY through local, independent distributors.

Remember, HMS security stickers are NOT a real security system. We do not encourage or condone stickers to be used for vandalism or other malicious, disruptive, or damaging intent. However, if you would like a few to put on your own personal items for promotional purposes, just let us know and we will be happy to send you a few in the mail.

Together we are making the world a better place. Together we are the #HMSnation


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